Grox Expansion/Patch?

Everybody who likes to hack or mod Spore has already made a Grox mod. But did you ever wonder if it would be easier if you didn’t have to use Tsearch with all these complicated codes and didn’t have to ckeck off these things and have to worry about missing offsets? Well, Maxis might make an expansion or a patch where they would just be in the pallette like every other normal parts in the game. I also heard of this thing called “Spore TBA” it was planned to came out  some time around July, but there were no guarantees at all. I was wondering if that would have the Grox parts or something like them in it. Well, if Spore TBA isn’t a hoax, I’m just saying I’ll be pretty excited for it. But only if there are Grox parts so every time I want to use them, I don’t have to do all drag and drop my mod folders or other peoples in these data things.

I made my own Grox expansion cover with Qwer2000 and I really like it.


One Response to “Grox Expansion/Patch?”

  1. Oh crap… How old this topic!

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